Benefits System – Main Features

  • Amenities

    Lobby café, Fitness center with shower room

  • Support For Family Events

    Support for events in the lives of an employee’s immediate family

  • Flexible Commuting System

    Flexible commuting for parents

  • Staff Awards For Excellence

    Awards for employee performance and other areas of excellence

  • Casual Friday and Family Day

    Every Friday is a casual dress day. Twice a month, employees leave work at 5:30PM on Fridays

  • Support For Various Educational Expenses

    Educational support for books and acquisition of certifications

  • In-House Clubs

    In-house clubs for such activities as baseball and soccer are supported.

  • Benefit Points

    Employee benefit points are redeemed on a dedicated online shopping mall.

  • In-House Second Language Classes

    Second language classes are led by in-house instructors of English, Chinese and Japanese.